Till the EU does not accept fair stand, the problem of Cyprus will be impossible: the Turkish President

45 ViewsIstanbul, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip said, “Unless the European Union does not adopt a fair stand, it will be impossible for Cyprus to solve the problem, hoping that the offense in mutual relations will become a part of the past. Talking to reporters according to foreign media, Turkish President […]

Ball triping case, Smith, bankrupt and Warner left home, Tim Pan selected the new captain

54 ViewsCaptain (Daily Pakistan Online), James Siderland, Chief Executive Officer of Cricket Australia, has decided to send captain Stevesmith, vice captain David Warner and opener Ben Craft to the team in the team, and Tim Tim was fourth against South Africa. Captain has been made for Test matches.According to the […]

China defends the ban on foreign trade imports

45 ViewsBeijing (INP) China, after an impression of an American official, ban on imports of concrete waste could lead to basic disadvantages in global supply for securities material. “The concerns are neither reasonable nor they have any legal basis,” the spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry, Huachen Zheng, responded to the […]

China is keenly looking forward to China: South Korea

35 ViewsBeijing (online) South Korea has said that reports of North Korean senior officials are taking a look at the flag. According to the foreign media report, a senior official of the Saul said on the condition of not to be named, the South Korean President’s House is keeping an […]

Once again, Mahira Khan’s video came in front of Sigarratt, seeing you will be surprised

65 ViewsLAHORE (Daily Pakistan Online) Maheera Khan participated in the functionary ceremony of actor Feroze Khan on the last day, where he compelled his fans to sweep away, but now his astonishing video appeared in which She looks like ‘Strait’ of Seattle. According to the details, actor Mera Khan had […]

In India, 2 journalists were killed and killed in 24 hours

49 ViewsNew Delhi (این این آئی) In two separate incidents in India, two journalists were killed by a car and truck crushed, after which there was anxiety about the dangerous situation facing journalists in India. According to the Indian TV, the police have arrested the former head of the village […]

“I often hit the hackers because …” The well-known dream of the young people who will be surprised by their parents will be surprised.

36 ViewsThe headman (head of the system) often sees the libraries in the dream and sometimes kills one and leaves anybody. I am surprised why why this dream often comes and what the lizard has to do with my life. (Ruhwan Yunus) This dream is warning you of your current […]

Pak-Iran joint efforts can connect to Asia: Nasirjujia

49 ViewsIslamabad (Daily Pakistan Online) Nasir Jujiya, National Security Adviser, said that Pak-Iran joint efforts can connect to Asia, Iran is our neighbor, our religious and cultural history. In a meeting with senior members of Iranian delegation in Islamabad, Security Nasir Jujia said that the reasons for Pak-Iran relations to […]

“We can not even investigate the Rao Anwar seriously because …” a member of the investigative committee revealed that every Pakistani citizen, including the Chief Justice, should be worried.

48 ViewsIn the case of Naqibullah Mehsud-ul-Haq KARACHI, the new investigative committee has not been able to set up the facilities involved in escaping and hitting former SS Malir Rau Anwar.   The members of the investigation committee, accused Rao Anwar from absconding during the investigation and could not determine […]

The pictures of the bride of Hamaibha and Feroze Khan of Hamima are also visible, what did the bride and bride keep together and how does the bride appear? Because you will forget to blink eyes. . .

42 ViewsLahore (Daily Pakistan Online) The announcement of the marriage date of the hero of Ferro Khan Khan ‘Mir Hadi’ of Pakistan’s leading drama Serial ‘Khani’ was unbelievable to see his bride’s glimpse, and now the funeral ceremony The photos of Feroze Khan and his wife, who was taken into […]

During the final match, what did the spectators make in front of Sindh Chief Minister, Bilawal Bhutto and Sherry Rehman? After watching the video on social media, seeing Asif Zardari will be angry with anger

50 ViewsBut now a video has come to mind that in spite of the sound of a loud voice, all the people are shouting, but what are these slogans doing? Asif Zardari will also be angry with anger. Seeing Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Syed Murad Ali and Sherry Rehman among themselves, […]

Bitcoin Currency Currency, Solutions of Pakistan’s Financial Issues

56 ViewsIn the seventh century, when the barter system was over and the bank notice was started, people could not accept it for a long time, although behind the amount of money its real worth was silver. However, these notes continued to last for the twentieth century. But there is […]

I got a lot of shock, such a person came to the field that the actress’s nights would fly.

67 ViewsLAHORE (Daily Pakistan Online), a leading Pakistani actress, Mary’s Nikah Khwan, has filed a statement in the court. According to reports or reports, Lahore’s family court heard the case regarding my marriage. During the hearing, actor Mary Martha, a relative of my marriage, wrote the statement. The daughter-in-law has […]

Give me autograph on it ‘After getting caught by the Australian players,

53 ViewsThe Cape Town (Monitoring Desk) is on a tour of South Africa that day, with its bowler hair catching hands on the other side of the South Africa cricket team. To teach them lessons on this move, a South African boy screamed with Australian Spin Bowler Nathan Leone to […]