My seven-year-old son Abdullah was fevering for three days, his mother would take it to the fever after bullion and pineapple serpent, but after three to four hours, the fever started calling his color, two days passed in the same condition. The day with this fever, severe pain was followed by her eyes and neck .I was in the office that night nine nine nights came to the wife’s mobile and she said that the nature of Abdullah is something worse and pain That’s not taking the name of the halt, listening to the girl, talking to Abdullah, so in the manner she crying to me, she told me “inside” Turn off I closed my computer, and told my colleges at the office, “I’ll show my son Dr. Doctor.” From the Apple app, “Cream” Mango and the captain record that he drives faster and To blow me up to Gulburg, the construction of the Seal-free Corridor in Defense Phase III, “stuck” in my intentions and a 10-minute walk due to traffic flow was fixed in 27 minutes. , Loved him and again rescued the “cream” service and came out of the house alone with Abdullah. Captain asked! Where to go brother Is it? You told me that I should tell you what kind of departure is going to happen, I contacted my child’s doctor, but he had stopped my “shopkeepers” so I compelled Captain to play the role. Take the way to the hospital .Unfortunately, the way to get cleared and reached the hospital hospital in a few minutes.

The scene outside the outside of the hospital hospital always hurts, but the crew feels cruelly looking at the knit and naked floors, with the main gates made in the hot and cold seasons, with the main gate for their loved ones. There is a sense of common sense, but the mothers in their emergency take their liver from one room to another room, and from the other room in the third room, where there are sticks or seven beds in the emergency. Injection and drip to innocent children Hanging on soli for waiting for care and the doctors and nurses’ eyes and eyes, It is not impossible to hear words and words as it does not matter. I took the son to the emergency counter that took the ID card and made a slap in my hand, I reached the waiting room outside the doctor’s room, where only 40 forty men and women had seen their nuts. The children were taking care of the baby taking in the lap. The second part of the cabin-made cabin where the doctor’s chair was empty and there was a nurse on the table before taking children’s soup and registering them in the register. As well as getting continuous “soul food” from “music” on your iPhone. When I turn my door in the empty cabin, I will also A slip hand reached Tha’am with his son in the “Saster” which had a song of Bollywood on the mobile phone while the “balls” of the headphone was stuck in its ears. After all, I looked forward to getting out of sight, and I quickly came out that the property could not be more angry anywhere. Even so long as the glass of the glass was empty, the doctor did not leave me and there But when a senior student of Staff stood up to ask about the doctor, he said loudly that the doctor was in tea drinking room. .In response to the disclosure that the duty to check on the children of a woman doctor.

After waiting for a few hours, Abdullah, who was sitting in a wait room, was sitting alone in the wait room, I was talking to him and started losing my lip jigger that he was standing in the waiting room and looked up and saw another. Rabma Kharama, a woman who was coming to the doctor, came to know, after seeing her mother’s life and tried to go to the doctor’s room, but the elder standing there allowed permission to go inside. It only turned out because the doctor was referring to any other child in other rooms rather than being hurt for seeing more than thirty seconds. Dr. Abdullah referred to the other room so I take it reached the place, but it was not too big room space was occupied. Four junior doctors, who had 2 boys and 2 girls, were sitting around a table where they used to watch children during their periods. Even after a long wait, the doctor was not a doctor but a very young doctor I was standing with him for him, standing on him, tell him the signs of the child standing and heard that he did not even listen to it and wrote some test on the slide and ordered to go to the room. .Now, Abdullah was tolerant, but I came to the room telling him where he was in the lap where parents And there were already quite a large number to find drpyn.

After entering a stuffed room, two nurse had come after a table on the right hand, while there were 15 to 20 women who had scarcity of sadness and sadness on the face around them, who had fewer hearing children in their age. There was less than one year in this room. There were seven beds in this room, whereas there were 3 three children on each bed, some of which had a barnola on the hand, on someone’s feet and on someone’s feet, drip a innocent child. It was engaged and someone’s blood bottle, here’s a mother’s drip carrying a baby in her hand, and someone’s father had an environment in the category that Abdul The flames were flying on the face of the face, only when they heard the name of the vaccine, while there were small bottles of blood with drips. I kept talking about Abdullah to shake away. But there was only one question that was going to go home, Nab Baba ??? The doctor sitting beside the germs on the mouth was scolding the women and men in extreme skirts, when half awaits after fear of fearing me. If you want to take this lady doctor with a slip caught in her hand, she would be like a lion! It stood like a lion for half an hour. Let’s show. I just slapped it before, Dr. Sahib again! What kind of trouble is that? I told you that the fever had been left for three days, I did not leave it, but now the neck of the kid is too complicated. I also have severe pain while looking at the eyes how tasty is going ?? ? The first room doctor has sent you for the test. He is a junk again! Nothing, so will be his test for the fever. ???? I did not test the first room. The doctor who wrote, I had to say that the tradition of the clan came up, am I not a doctor? Now I will tell you what treatment it has to be done? Doctor said that on the slope He wrote something and then cut his head and then wrote again, he slipped the slope in my hand and asked me to go to the nurse sitting in the corner of the counter. “There was already a woman on the woman” Hit away He started to wait for his turn, and it was a rush that he was going to grow, while the courage of Abdullah was more responsive.


When Abdullah saw Ronni’s case, then I too managed to attract the nurse and slap it in his hand .She was more patient and only 2”amasum nurses’ After the treatment, the nurse wrote the medicine on the soup and asked me to bring the free from the store inside the medicine hospital. I reached Abdullah’s hand store, took a slap and brought the medicine back to the nurse, Rush was He was not taking the name of being reduced, he heard the nurse to bring a good nurse to the medicine. He said, “Hold this medicine in your hand and stand on the side, what do we do, our father The ruling order stood up on one side waiting for the next order. It was the original test, holding the drip, injection, and other medicines in hand, when the time to drink was passed, then the nurse was torn. Now he also got mercy on our father’s son, and he called Abdullah and put Barnona in his hand and ordered him to wait again. What do we do? I was doing Abdul Allah had a drip in his hands and constantly pleaded to me that “I am tired of my father, I am not standing now.” After climbing for the last three hours, when I was patient, If you do not know what you are doing, then you will be able to get rid of it. Drugs and medicines were thrown out of anger and came out at that time, at midnight, there were 30 minutes at night, took out the gates and came straight to the Caroline Hospital, there was emergency, A nurse and a lady was sitting at the doctor, we came to her father straight, Lady Doctor came out of her room and saw him with a great love and asked me about her illness. After listening to my answer, he questioned Burona in his hand, so I told him about the “Zala and Rasavi” present at the hospital hospital, which he was silent at. So, Abdullah was sleeping, while I was very sad with fatigue, so I was asleep too.

The next time the office reached the office, there was no stroke because the post of my post was wired last night on social media, and the people scolded them and committing them to pray and cursed the rulers with my son’s healing prayer. While the good news of the ruling party was criticizing my post, Imran Khan and Tehreek-e-Insaf were running too much on the arrow. I am because there is a big relationship with the pen while trying to be a minor journalist, I should not be part of any political party nor participate in any political activity, but I express it open to what I feel right. I do and I think I am sorry about criticizing someone without thinking about anyone and doing anything wrong with the Government work. I also regret regret on some issues on this post and also happiness. Sorry that my There was no political purpose for this post nor did I ever plan to get any benefit from any political party (if I do so, Allah will take away from my hand as a penny). Where is it justice to be accused of raising or indicating real issues of society that it is the worker of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement? I Unless we fear the answer of God alone and only God, we will not be able to eliminate any corruption and corruption from society, I have many differences with Tehreek-e-Insaf and I Imran Khan openly opens in private meetings and in his writings, but God’s favor is that I have never left the privilege of mockery even in controversial matters. Similarly, I am the leader of Mian Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif. I am also a toughest criterion, but here my conscience does not allow me to be abused and molten.

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