Lahore (Daily Dings news) Faizabad is not going to be implemented on the basis of protest against continuing the protest on the road to other parts of the country, due to which people face serious problems.
According to the details, last year, Tehreek-e-Libri Khalid Rizvi group had long termed the Fijay-e-Sharif interchange with a case of change in prohibition of Prophecy, it was terminated on army intervention, government and There was a 6-point opposition in the party, which included the agreement of release of labor workers, including the resignation of the minister who made changes in the oath-taking oath in the nomination papers, and the agreements made against him. Despite the passage, the government did not follow the agreement in a way that led to movement Labak has started second phase of protests from Lahore.
It is clear that the last fasting Khalid Hussain Rizvi and Pir Afzal Qadri announced that if demands were not accepted and the agreement was not ensured, then April 4 can be announced in various cities of the country. Lower traffic and circular road traffic is closed because of the protest, due to which citizens face severe travel problems.

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