“This is not our task and Army Chief did not talk about it,” said Major General Asif Ghafoor.

Islamabad (Daily Pakistan Online), Major General Asif Ghafoor of Pak Army Department’s Public Relations said that Parliament is Supreme, democracy should remain in the country, Pak Army has no role in elections and elections. To amend the amendment it is the discretion of the Parliament, the 18th amendment and the provinces have the powers, no matter what good, the capability building should be made to improve the authority of the provinces under the seventh amendment. No documents related to Bajwa dictatorship were issued in writing.
While giving special interviews to the private TV channel, “Today News” program, “Spotlight”, Major General Asif Ghafoor said that as long as Pakistan wants the assemblies to complete their term, we have signed up to the 18th amendment till today.

No written documents have been issued, only a TV interview was discussed, if Parliament wants to make any amendment regarding the 18th amendment, it is its work, to do the parliament only to improve the regulation of the provinces. Yes, there is no good news for 18th amendment and provinces. It is better to improve the authority of the provinces under the 18th amendment. For the purpose of building Capity Building, there should be a demo credit in the country. It is the desire of every Pakistani. He said that if the court has ordered the arrest of any person then it becomes the duty of the police and the government, whoever He said that there is no existence in Pakistan or ISI will allow it to be integrated infrastructure, whatever poles are working on, it is working on the TTP, “he said. He has done so much that he is over now and there is no slippery cell in the country.

He said that Pakistan could not bring Taliban to the negotiation table. The Afghan government and the US have to talk to the Taliban. He said that there is something happening in the occupied Kashmir, it should not be seen as terrorism, it is not right to say that nothing was done by Pakistan, People of Kashmir should have their right to self-determination.

There is no other opinion in it. He said that there were serious violations of human rights in Swat in the past eight years, it was difficult to breath in Swat, a time that Swat Throat was cut, football was played with chopped heads in Swat, the civil government calls the army under article 245 .

He said concentration Those who are in Aks are provided all the facilities according to jail manol. Not all the slaves who are not being found are under the custody of the forces, in the Swat on public demand, if anybody dies, the Survivors The post office should be posted at the Intervention Center, where all the facilities are available according to the rules, if the army catches suspicious people, 24 to 72 hours complete the investigation, the innocence is left, we endorse peace in Swat. Wanted to go, there were 55 check posts in Swat in 2016, today 6 are left, courts work over evidence.

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