All you need to know about this unsafe bet Condom challenge in 2018

97 Views  All you need to know about this unsafe bet Condom challenge in 2018 The challenge originally became popular in 2007, but due to the mass influence of YouTube, several videos have been responsible for reviving the relevance of the challenge’s two main ways to be performed. “The most […]

IPL 2018, Chennai Super King defeated Mumbai Indians after nerve shock competition in the inaugural match.

845 ViewsMumbai (Daily Dings News) In the first match of IPL 2018, the Chennai Super Kings team has won a wicket by losing Mumbai Indians in its home ground. According to details, Chennai Super Kings decided to win the toss in Mumbai’s Van Khawaja Stadium in the match,Mumbai Indians scored […]

What is the relation between the Prophet of the British Queen? For the first time in history, researchers claimed fiercely, everyone was stunned

153 ViewsLondon (monitoring desk) makes claims about the past due to the past that everyone remains stubborn. A similar strange claim has been made regarding the series of Queen Elizabeth’s Queen’s queen. According to the Mail Online, Western historian has claimed that Queen Elizabeth is from the descendants of the […]

Pakistan bans cryptocurrencies Apr.06,2018 SBP says they are not legal tender

22 Views  KARACHI: In a major development, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has banned cryptocurrencies in the country.While the volume of trading remains on the lower side in Pakistan, Bitcoin’s phenomenal rise in value during 2017 has tempted many to open accounts with various exchanges and trade. Its acceptance […]