All you need to know about this unsafe bet Condom challenge in 2018

The challenge originally became popular in 2007, but due to the mass influence of YouTube, several videos have been responsible for reviving the relevance of the challenge’s two main ways to be performed.
“The most serious medical issue we can run into when we’re snorting any kind of substance or any kind of latex balloon essentially is getting that down into your lungs, which is what we call asphyxiation or choking and can result in really, really serious harm, injury, hospitalization or even death,” Petras said.
“Snorting substances up your nose can cause irritation to the nose, throat and lungs”, Dr David Hiltzik, director of otolaryngology at Staten Island University Hospital in NY, told the Live Science in a 2017 interview.
The challenge has gone viral online through YouTube videos and social media. In an effort to increase awareness about the hazards of these risky trends, educators in San Antonio have started teaching parents about perilous online trends, including the condom snorting challenge, KABB-TV reported.: “It’s not generally a good idea to put anything in your nose that doesn’t belong there or isn’t prescribed by a doctor”.

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