Mumbai (Daily Dings News) In the first match of IPL 2018, the Chennai Super Kings team has won a wicket by losing Mumbai Indians in its home ground.

According to details, Chennai Super Kings decided to win the toss in Mumbai’s Van Khawaja Stadium in the match,Mumbai Indians scored 165 runs for four wickets in the first twenty overs, while opener Rohit Sharma 15, Ashshan Kishan 40, Surya Kumar Memoir 43, Kanal Pandia 41 and Harad Pandiya played 22 runs. In the pursuit of 166 runs,

Chennai Super Kings scored the innings of the match against Dravid Bravo’s 68-run torn innings after the Nissan Shiken competition. One time in India came when all the hopes of winning the Chennai Super King match had ended.

And it seemed that Mumbai would easily win this match, but Bravo scored all the hopes of the Mumbai Indians of the game in the first 30 balls, with 7 sixs and 3 balls of stormy innings. Bravo was declared Man of the Match on the best batsman Earlier, before the colorful opening ceremony of IPL 2018, in which Indian stars performed their performances Loved the fans from

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