Lahore (Daily Dings News ) Glory staff Misha Shafiq accused Ali Zafar to be sexually harassed, so other personalities of Shuboz came in the field and he expressed his views, but now reputation from Koke Studios. The trustworthy believer has also come to the field and he has said that I have also faced harassment and this problem is greater than the problem of Ali Zafar too, the believer says that I am from Ali Zafar and other men. I would like to ask the question that if you ever had such anxiety, even if you want to be unhappy, ask for unconscious forgiveness and accept Become a better person to learn from mistakes.

According to the speculation, Mommy Stephen says that often as we see that women face such infringement from men that they usually know, who believe or work with them. Yes, there is a lot of excitement to say, but this problem is more than any male or female, it is a problem of humanity, greatness, equality and respect, I pray that people stand with them I am impressed by this.
Momina said that I have read this question, why did it take so much time to bring it to the scene? The answer is that the person suffering from the society in general is facing embarrassment, and social pressure is also that there is nothing to say, and let it be a private matter, because somebody else fingers on the role of women in their defense. Let’s take them and drag them into the court and ignore them, while they know very well that it is very difficult to prove sexual harassment, after which some women have no other way than to get their case back. Saves, it affects families, lives and future.

They say that we should speak because we do not have any other option, because we have no such person who can stand for us .Glakarta Momana said that I hope the men are studying it It will agree that no harassment is also acceptable .I want to ask Ali Zafar and all other men only one question, “Do you think that you never knew in a lifetime or a woman knowingly Has violated this, if yes (no angel)! Then I request you to understand it and acknowledge my mistake and ask for unconscious forgiveness and try to be a better human being to learn from your mistakes. “

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