Reported by Mohammad Hafeez’s bowling action test, will he be able to re-bowling again? The biggest news came to Pakistanis

143 ViewsDubai (Daily Pakistan Online) International Cricket Council (ICC) declared Mohammad Hafeez’s bowling action cleror while bowling in international cricket. The ICC has announced that after bowling action in Mohammad Hafeez’s bowling action, Bowling Action is more legitimate according to ICC rules, so they can bowling in international cricket. Mohammad […]

The annual rankings of T20 and One day formats, what number did the Pakistan team come and what happened to India? Knowing Pakistanis will not endanger the happiness

122 ViewsDubai (Daily Pakistan Online) The ICC has given an annual ranking of T-Twenty20 and One-day cricket, according to which green shirts are retaining their position in T20 rankings, while England in One-Day Ranking The first position is pushing down to Jeremiah. According to the ICC report issued, T-shirt has […]

What place did Naim Bukhari hurt in the London platform? Tehreek-e-Insaf’s leaders themselves came in the field, tell such details that Imran Khan will get worried

284 ViewsLONDON (Daily Pakistan Online), Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf senior leader and prominent specialist law Naeem Bukhari visit has been severely injured in London, Naeem Bukhari says three rings on my left are broken and severe in the waist It’s hurt. According to details, Naeem Bukhari from London issued a statement, saying […]

Maryam read the poem for her father Nawaz Sharif but she forgot again

149 ViewsSadiqabad (Daily Pakistan Online), Pakistan Muslim League-N held political force today in Sadiqabad, during which Nawaz Sharif and Mary Nawaz addressed the rally. According to details, according to details, at the end of his speech, Maryam read the poem for her father Nawaz Sharif but she forgot again and […]

“Casting Cow”, a famous Indian actress and item girlfriend, Ranihi Saunt,

145 ViewsMumbai (Daily Pakistan Online) Indian film industry is extremely unbelievable, bold actor and famous “Dance Girlfriend” Rhee Sainat also casting Kauch in the Bollywood film industry (the condition of setting up physical relationships to work in the film) “I’m sorry,” he said. According to the Indian media, Resshi Santt […]

“Once I went to meet a director wearing a shovel suit …” The famous Indian actress revealed

127 ViewsMumbai (daily dings news) In the whole world, including the Indian Film Industry, the “Me Toe” campaign is being launched every day, the new discovery is being launched every day, ” Kaunting Kooch ” in the world of artificial lights The condition of establishing physical relations instead of black) […]

What is the difference between cigarettes and cigarette lungs? Seeing this video, you will immediately leave the cigarette

161 ViewsNew York (CAD) addicted smoking cigarettes are often said to be trying hard but cigarette is not left. Now, if you listen to this from a cigarette sensor, then show it the video in which the difference between cigarette drinkers and its treating lungs is shown. This shocking video […]

Political opponents take conscious nails, let us come free to serve: Shahbaz

107 ViewsLahore (daily dings news) Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has said that political opponents take conscious nails, come to us, we will give free training to serve them. Addressing the press conference, Shahba Zishraf said that the Punjab government has brought a modern system of storage, delivery and distribution […]

Expressing confidence in the leadership of NSS Sethi of PSL franchise owners

103 ViewsLahore (daily dings news), Pakistan Super League flagship owners, expressed confidence in the leadership of Najam Sethi, while agreeing to maintain PSL head in the next season. According to details, the meeting between the Pakistan Super League administration and the PSL franchise owners was unanimously expressed confidence in the […]