New York (CAD) addicted smoking cigarettes are often said to be trying hard but cigarette is not left. Now, if you listen to this from a cigarette sensor, then show it the video in which the difference between cigarette drinkers and its treating lungs is shown.

This shocking video shows you how the lungs do not drink a cigarette, and how does it drink a drink.

Amanda Eler, a U.S. nurse from North Carolina, has shared this video on social media, in which the black colored lung is a cigarette smoker that often causes smoking in cancer and goes to death. Gaya Singh: The lung can be seen that it has lost its ability to spread completely and oxygen, while the opposite head of the Mile Phehpatra is a person who did not drink cigarettes. It can be fully spread and completely absorbed oxygen. The ability to absorb oxygen is the place and color of your place but the cigarette loop is so horrible that man is afraid to see it. And yes, also note that according to scientific research, cigarette adds 23 times to the risk of cancer, whereas the main cause of 87% of the causes related to cancer and other related diseases is smoking.

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