New Zealand considered Pakistan to play but another big team refused to come to Pakistan because … Which team is this? Knowing for sure will make it difficult

113 ViewsWellington / Sydney (Web Desk) could not spread the wall of the fear of fear and Cricket Australia refused to make the game play in Pakistan, but New Zealand has started considering it. New Zealand and Australia have to play series with Pakistan this year, The host whose possibly […]

WWE’s famous racer stepped in politics of politics, will win the election, what is this racer? Know

172 ViewsGlenn Jiggers’ alias’ Can ‘, who has been a terrorist symbol for his horrific and dangerous tricks in the world of Los Angeles (News Desk), has now stepped in in the field of politics and was brilliant at the beginning of his new journey. Success has also been achieved. […]

The universe is not one but … The last research paper of Stephen Hocking’s life came in, what’s written? Know

215 ViewsProfessor Stephen Hocking, a city professor of the London University, continued to discover the secrets of the universe throughout the world, and went on to do a job that did not find any other example in the history of science. According to the British media, Professor Hocking explained in […]

“When your Chaudhry Nisar was met for the last time,” Hamid Mir asked Imran Khan

163 Views“When your Chaudhry Nisar was met for the last time,” Hamid Mir Islamabad (daily dings news) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan when Senior Journalist Hamid Mir asked the Nisar to meet Chaudhry Nisar, the captain scored this question and refused to answer. In the private TV gains program Capital […]

“Salman Khan’s relationship with me was very deep and he was doing Karina Kapoor ….” Krishna Kapoor talked to the head that everyone’s mouth would be opened openly.

140 ViewsKarisshma Kapoor, a famous actress of Indian films, said that my sister is not Karna Kapoor but I am very close to Salman Khan and I have been living in a long-term rally with Salman Khan. Karina Kapoor is like a younger sister for Salman Khan while she still […]

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi did not consider the name of retired journal for the caretaker Prime Minister, will not make the supervisor government “space creature”.

148 ViewsIslamabad (daily dings news )Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said that the general elections will be held at its due time and the nation will decide who will be the new government. The election supervisors will not make “space creatures”, but will still participate in the elections, based […]

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was caught in difficulty due to the loss of PTI to Minar e Pakistan, due to the damage to the park,

146 ViewsLahore (daily dings news) PHA has decided to send the notice of the offense to the PTI for damaging the property of Greater Iqbal Park due to the burning of Manarar Pakistan on April 29. Private TV neonies have claimed that the PHA has decided to issue notice of […]