Professor Stephen Hocking, a city professor of the London University, continued to discover the secrets of the universe throughout the world, and went on to do a job that did not find any other example in the history of science. According to the British media, Professor Hocking explained in his last investigative article as to how many other universe like our universe may exist and that our universe is just an example of them.

Scientists studying this article also tell him the solution to a large number of centuries in the field of Knowledge Math, Physics, and Casualism, while it is also being said that it also guides to other universities. Is. Professor Hocking sent the journal ‘Journal of High Energy Physics’ science journal 10 days before his death.

It is a matter of decade when Professor Hawking, a Cambridge University teacher, presented a new theory of the universe with the American physics physician James Hartle. This theory solved the difficulty that was present before Irene Stein’s theory.

Irene Stein told that the universe was about 14 billion years ago, but not just how it started. Contrary to the ion stine hocking throat, new theory of quantum mechanics was used which ultimately made it clear that nothing could happen, despite nothing.

The theory of Professor Hocking states that the essential nature of Big Bang was that it resulted in not only one but many universities. As seen in result of a hormal hacking theory, it is clear that there are many universe like our universe, in which galaxies,

planets and stars will be in our universe. It is possible that in other universe, our planet Earth will also have similar creatures, as our planet is on the ground. Experts also say that if there is a planet like Earth in any other universe, it is possible that someone else is running away from it now. It is possible that there is a distance of the dinosaurs, while it is possible that the time has passed far beyond our planet on any planet in another universe, and now there is some other creature away.

The theory in this theory was that if there are infinite universities in the world and the difference between the physics found in them is unlimited, then how can we believe anything about any universe. Professor Hürgong, professor of Professor Hocking and Belgium, began joint research to solve this norm.

Both scientists had been researching for 20 years for the general solution, whose fruit ultimately came to be the case of Professor Hocking’s last article. Professor Hocking has helped in mathematical principles made for studying a new physics ‘string theory’ in Physics. They have come to the conclusion that many universe exist, and only universities can be found at once, in which they are working similarly. It means that the remaining universe is like our universe, and the physical consequences of our universe are also true for other universe.

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