Islamabad (daily dings news) Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi inaugurated the new airport in Islamabad, when a wave of happiness went on throughout Pakistan and every person who traveled to Hawaii wanted to see this airport as soon as possible. Lee but now a video has emerged that every Pakistani has become angry.

Islamabad’s new airport can facilitate 90 million passengers, while using modern technology here it has been built as State-of-the-art Airport, but the people have started doing such activities which could not even imagine.

Viral video on social media can be seen that after the slowdown of the speed of the scanning machine, the people started to snatch their goods, instead of waiting, they started removing their goods and a few people there Make a video of this incident.

Social media users are expressing intense disturbance on this move, saying that if they were on another country’s airport, they would not even think of doing so, because there are strict rules and check and balance system is excellent and if Even here, to stop people from doing so, besides security cameras, security officials will have to stand here so that this beautiful airport can be avoided by destruction and destruction.

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