Pakistan’s fielding coach Stewarton welcomed the national team, when is he leaving and why? The real thing has come

197 ViewsLAHORE (Daily Pakistan Online) Fielding coach Stewarton of the National Cricket Team, however, apologized to the extension. According to private TV Express News, fielding coach Stevenson will not be available to the national team after the June, he has failed to extend the contract due to family engagement, while […]

It is the biggest dream for Salman not to act in the film with Amir Khan: Isabel Kaif

173 Views“Is not Salman Khan, but working in the film with Amir Khan is the biggest dream of Mumbai (IPP) Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif’s sister, said. According to the media reports, whose sister-in-law has an entry chore in the film ninth these days, even during the news, the news continues […]

Washington’s foreign policy has a capacity to change: Mike Ploy

132 ViewsWashington (INP) – US Secretary of State Mike Pompou said Washington’s foreign policy has a capability to change, and it is the current point of view. According to foreign media, Pompio also addressed a group of US embassies in the Foreign Office, defending the foreign policy of the President […]

“After stepping into the film ninth, my elder sister advised me not to do this one thing …” Katrina Kaif’s sister Isabel said that the face of each other smiling each other It will be tired

191 ViewsMumbai (daily dings news) Barbie Dool Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan’s pair of Indian films were admitted to Bollywood’s super hit match, but more than that, the “Love Story” Now news is news that Katrina Kaif’s sister Isabel Kaif has also stepped in in Bollywood and soon she is […]

Load shading chain also continued with heat, shortfall reached 183 MW

167 ViewsIslamabad (daily dings news) Load shading with heavy heat in the country is also ongoing, the shortfall of electricity has reached one thousand 183 MW.According to the spokesperson of the Power Division, 17 thousand MW electricity is being constructed in Pakistan at present, while demand for electricity is 18,200 […]

An image of Qayyad has inflicted anarchy in India, Internet service also closed, if Qadri was alive today. It will be difficult to believe in Pakistanis

119 ViewsNet service has been closed in the city to prevent protest against removing the image of Pakistani leader Mohammad Ali Jinnah from Aligarh (Web Desk) University. According to the Indian media, tension has been increased on the issue of removing the founder of the founder of Pakistan at Aligarh […]

Shadab Khan in England again again, League Sniper performs such a lead that you will be forced to admire

132 ViewsIn the four-day match against London , the defeating bowling of Shoaib Khan in the four-day match against Northampton Shair became hostile by 259 runs, Pakistan has made six runs without any loss in first innings. In the first innings of the first innings, home team scored 259 in […]

What is the condition of Naeem Bukhari, who is injured in London

160 ViewsLONDON (Daily Pakistan Online) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader and renowned lawyer Naeem Bukhari’s latest image has been wired on social media, in this picture the Tehreek-e-Insaf leader sitting on a chair can be seen and can be estimated that There has been a lot of improvement in the situation. Tehreek-e-Insaf’s […]

Government and opposition agreed on two names for the caretaker prime minister: sources

140 ViewsISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbas and opposition leader Khursheed Shah have agreed on the names for the caretaker Prime Minister. Regarding the private TV channel, Daily News channel said that Prime Minister and opposition leader had agreed to establish matters of self-determination for the formation of a supervisor […]