Australia beat Bangladesh, canceled the series, there is a reason why cricket fans will open their eyes open.

145 ViewsMelbourne (Daily Pakistan Online) Cricket Australia canceled Schedule Home Series against Bangladesh this year due to financial reasons, which Bangladesh has expressed disappointment. According to the details, according to the details, the Bangladeshi team had to visit Australia for a series of 2 Test and 3 one-day matches in […]

Salman Khan and romance singer Lolia Vincar’s “alleged love” came to know that all the Indian film industry started begging.

212 ViewsMumbai (Daily Pakistan Online) Bollywood’s famous hero Salman Khan and the Romanian-based model, came to be the biggest news of the actress and singer Lylia Vincar’s six-year-old relationship, Katrina Kaif after Katrina Kaif. Even with “Salman” with Salman Khan, his logical reach reached, the proximity between Salman Khan and […]

PML-N’s main meeting will be held in Islamabad today under the chairmanship of Nawaz Sharif, the main decision is expected

148 ViewsIslamabad (Daily Pakistan Online) The meeting of the main assembly of Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) Aadhaha (Friday morning) was convened in Islamabad on Thursday, Nawaz Sharif will preside, the political situation, the Sharif family Important decisions about NAB cases in respect of N League are expected. Private TV has […]

North Korean President meets June 12: Donald Trump

142 ViewsNorth Korean President meets June 12: Donald Trump New York (Daily Pakistan Online) US President Donald Trumpp says North Korea’s head meets Kim Jong on June 21 in Singapore.   In his message on US President Donald Trump’s social linking website, he said that North Korea would meet Kim […]

This is a historical moment for us to go to Ireland for our Test Career Ca-Ghaz against us: Sarfraz Ahmed

204 ViewsDunf (Daily Pakistan Online) captain of the national cricket team Sarfraz Ahmed said that it is a historic moment to start its Test cricket against Ireland, which will improve their cricket. While pressing the press conference in Dohan, Sarfraz Ahmed said that his team is the best and will […]

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry lay down their arms but it’s too soon to declare world peace

178 ViewsTaylor Swift and Katy Perry lay down their arms but it’s too soon to declare world peace on the 8th day of the fifth month of the 19th yr of the brand new millennium, the celebs aligned, an ominous crack inside the universe vanished and the heavens beamed peace […]

How To Earn $100 A Day With Google AdSense in 2018

340 Viewsearning $a hundred, $two hundred or even $three hundred in keeping with day with Google AdSense may be done from a home workplace. Many internet site owners are doing it. The best element you need is making plans, work, willpower, and ardour approximately your subject matter or niche. term […]

These Celtics Might Be the Best Challengers to LeBron’s Throne Yet

193 Viewssure, even without Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward. to quote last year’s embarrassment within the jap conference finals is beside the point. This team is constructed in another way, and it can have sufficient to keep the Cavaliers around LeBron in check. The Celtics are surrounded through the ghosts […]