Mumbai (Daily Pakistan Online) Bollywood’s famous hero Salman Khan and the Romanian-based model, came to be the biggest news of the actress and singer Lylia Vincar’s six-year-old relationship, Katrina Kaif after Katrina Kaif. Even with “Salman” with Salman Khan, his logical reach reached, the proximity between Salman Khan and the Romanian model Girl turned into tricks.

According to the Indian private TV, Lulia Vintar, the romance artist of Ankar, is said to be Salman Khan’s girlfriend, both of them appear to be seen in the media as clouds of rumors, while some time Earlier, even speculative arts were being made about Salman Khan and Lulia Vintar’s wedding history, but now the Indian film industry is listening to the speculation that Salman Khan and Lolia Vantar have been waiting for the last 6 years. Love is the end of love, lolia vinor’s micro blogging website behind these speculations’ Twitter is a tweet last week, in which romance singer says “” does not matter what you say, some people will always take it separately or explain it in a different way. “The people of this tweet are encouraging people to grow up with Lolia and Salman Khan.

It is clear that a few days ago, Lilia Vintar tweeted “meaningful” and said, “Maybe the past was my biggest mistake that I believed that the right person was only to love, in reality The right person is love, do not look for the person with whom you want to live, become the person with whom you want to live. ” It is clear that Salman Khan, daughter-in-law of the two-year-old bin Laden, has lost the “daughter-in-law” and “happy love” till today, despite many Indian scholars, before that, before Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan’s ” The history and marriage dates of ‘love’ have also been making the media sacred, but their love is also broken in the middle of the beach, and both the Bollywood stars have separated their ways.

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