Pop famous person Dua Lipa has already conquered the tune industry and now she has her eye on the fashion global too with the launch of her first collection.

The “One Kiss” singer introduced that she is working with /Nyden – the seasonless H&M-owned emblem – on a range that debuts q4.

but, plainly not everybody is pleased with what may not be a completely inclusive style series.

Making the statement on Twitter, Lipa wrote: “My loves, i have some information for you.

“I’ve started designing a capsule series with @WeAreNyden and i’m bringing four drops with the first one popping out this fall.

“I’m so excited that allows you to see these, can’t wait!”

thrilled enthusiasts quick flooded the singer’s account with questions on the imminent series with one asking if the clothes could be unisex and another if it would encompass plus-sizes.

Lipa answered: “sure, what I’ve wanted to do with this series is in order that it’s regular and handy for each person” and, in a now deleted post, “It is going as much as a size 16 united kingdom.”

regardless of Lipa claiming that she needs the clothes to be “available” many enthusiasts have been short to factor out that limiting it to prevent at a length 16the United Kingdom average get dressed lengthgoes in opposition to any claim of inclusivity.

“Yikes girl. you’ve handiest been well-known for much less than a year, are you that out of touch with fact already? you are line isn’t always general or handy to the general public of human beings within the international,” one person tweeted.

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