Shahid Afridi can represent the World XI team … “ICC has honored Pakistani player Shahid Afridi as the greatest honor of Pakistanis.

108 ViewsLahore (Daily Pakistan Online) will be held on May 31 against West Indies in the World Stadium’s historic Stadium in the ICC series and in this regard, ICC has heard the biggest news for Shahid Afridi. According to the details, the ICC has conveyed the good news on Twitter, […]

“My wife does not allow me, though I am. . . “Mohammad Hafeez exposed the secrets for the first time

100 Views“My wife does not allow me, though I am. . . “Mohammad Hafeez exposed the secrets for the first time Lahore (Web Desk) has also got the best cook with Mohammad Hafeez cricketer and revealed himself. In his conversation with the fans on Twitter, Mohammad Hafeez said that they […]

Italy crisis rocks markets. Here’s why investors are worried

101 ViewsItaly is embroiled in a energy struggle among Eurosceptic populists – winners of the March election – and seasoned–european status quo politicians. It took weeks of negotiations for a populist coalition to take shape, however the president has controversially vetoed it, so Italy is now returned to square one. […]

Google Doodle Is Celebrating S.P.L. Sorensen, the Scientist Behind the pH Scale

170 Viewsnearly a hundred and ten years built-in, while built-in experiments with beer at the sector–famend Carlsberg studies lab integrated Copenhagen, Danish chemist Søren Peter Lauritz Sørensen advanced the simple yet endurintegratedg pH scale, which measures whether a substance is acidic or primary. Sørensen’s landmark built-invention is well known integrated […]

Roseanne Barr compares black Obama aide Valerie Jarrett to an ape – and later apologizes

187 ViewsABC canceled its hit sitcom “Roseanne” on Tuesday after the star of the display, Roseanne Barr, referred to a former adviser to President Barack Obama as an “ape.” Barr referred to the adviser, Valerie Jarrett, as a “child” of the “Muslim Brotherhood” and “Planet of the Apes” in a […]