Lahore (Daily Pakistan Online) will be held on May 31 against West Indies in the World Stadium’s historic Stadium in the ICC series and in this regard, ICC has heard the biggest news for Shahid Afridi.

According to the details, the ICC has conveyed the good news on Twitter, saying that the World xi will lead Shahid Afridi to the absence of Constitution Morgan. After the announcement from the ICC, Shahid Afridi issued a message saying that ICC Leading C World Alliance is a matter of great honor for me that too for such a good cause, I am sure the other team players will be waiting for this match unmatched, and fans can see the most spectacular game. will get ‘.


Here it is also noteworthy that Shahid Afridi was included in the World XI team by the ICC so that news will not be played Shahid Afridi, but Shahid Afridi later But denying the news, they issued a message that they would participate in the match between World XI and West Indies. “I support this Nobel Quran as a cricketer and a Muslim, and I am following my doctor’s instructions, and I will take a lot of part in my body as much as I can.”

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