Leeds (daily dings news) The national team’s batting line in the second Test match against England has failed and only 97 runs have been returned to the palline. Stewart Broad, Chris Wicks and James Anderson scored a batting line while defusing bowling line.

The captain of the national team Sarfraz Ahmed won the toss and decided to baton Pelilan on zero, while Azhar Ali got out on the overall score of 17. Harris Sohail and Asadshafiq scored 32 runs in the third wicket and tried to show some resistance, but Harris Sohail lost the total score of 49 and made 28 runs and wicketed the Volkswagen ball. After Harris Sohail’s departure, Asad Shafiq could not stay on for a long time, and scored his wicket on the 62-run score. He scored 27 runs and was caught by Alice Cook for the Volkswagen ball.

On the overall score of 78, only Sarfraz Ahmed made 14 runs for Anderson’s bowling ball, while 78 runs in his career, Usman Salaheddin, who scored 4 runs, was on the ball to LBW. Have happened After only one score in the overall score, Fahim Ashraf became an unbelievable player without having to score an innings.

England beat Stewart Broad, Chris Wicks and James Anderson while defeating Pakistan’s batting line. Stewart Broadcasted 3 runs for the 34 runs, while Andrew Anderson and Chris Vicks scored 2,2 wickets.

Earlier, the national team captain Sarfraz Ahmed decided to win the toss and decided to take advantage of Leeds wicket betting and try to get the benefit of it.

In this crucial match by the national team, Umar Saladuddin was tested for the young batsman, who was included in the team instead of Babar Azam, who was injured during the Lords Test.

The last time the national team led the series by Waseem Akram in 1996, England beat their two in 1996, while the 6-wicket test of 6 out of the last 8 runs is going through the worst round by winning the match. The toughest challenge to save the series is.

Pakistan team has switched clean against England in the United Arab Emirates in 13-2012 and if the national team defeated the host squad in the beginning today, then coach Mickey Orthrough, including Sophiez Ahmed, who won the Champions Trophy, The name will be one more honorable.

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