Shahid Afridi, the Pakistani ex-captain of the ICC World XI captain, when he entered the ground for a historic match,

Lords (Daily Pakistan Online) Shahid Khan Afridi, former Pakistani player with international reputation, is currently captaining World XI in the historic match at Lords. Stadium in London Stadium and on the occasion when he entered the field He was guarded off by the players.

According to details, Shahid Afridi was given his last international match to the ICC, while he was given the honor to perform Kapitani’s duties in this match. Shahid Afridi won the toss and decided to bat first West Indies after that, and when World XI team came to the field for fielding, all the players stood on line and Shahid Afridi when After entering, he was welcomed by the locks and while standing at the pallilan, Shahid Afridi also welcomed, Shahid Afridi took his cap on thanksgiving and thanked him.

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