Former PML-N chief Maulana Aurangzeb will be appointed by the PML-N spokesman after the government is over


LAHORE (Daily Pakistan Online) After the end of the government, the PML-N set a former chairman of the party’s chairman, Mary Aurangzeb, in the first conversation, he refused to comment on Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan’s statement.

According to details, PML-N’s parliamentary committee was held under the leadership of PML-N Shahbaz Sharif. Other members including Nawaz Sharif and Raja Zafarul Haq attended the meeting. Talking to the occasion, Nawaz Sharif said that there will be no delay in the election for one minute, and the decision will be taken on the merit ticket.

Talking after the appointment of Mary Aurangzeb, the PML-N was ready for election and there was no conspiracy against the elections, then the Sena would stand like a wall, the N League is being targeted. Will be

He refused to comment on Chaudhry Nisar’s statement, saying that comment on Chaudhry Nisar’s talks will be senior leadership, timely election is the responsibility of the supervisory government. It is believed that PML-N spokesperson Asif Karmani was earlier.

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