The children of celebrities are also celebrating the news of Mumbai (Daily Pakistan Online) and if it is said that they will not be wrong if they meet their parents and benefit from reputation and wealth.

Shahrukh Khan’s daughter Sahana Khan, “Parpari”, is the ‘Fifty’ girl of the photographers, who always shout to draw pictures. He is recently 18 years old and feels he was also waiting when he got legal rights and also hit “hid”.

In the Indian media, the news is circulating that in the Sahana Khan Indian Premier League (IPL), his father Shahrukh Khan’s team is dead on Kaliktak Night Riders’s young player. Who is this lucky cricketer now?

After the Kolkata Night Riders match in IPL, Sahana Khan and the cricketer mentioned above have also been seen talking together. Of course, both of them have been held in IPL 2018, and this is none else but the right hand bats “Shobhu Me Gul” who have made many fans of their best performance.

Both were seen while talking alone after matches, but there is no confirmation or denial on both sides, but the viewers say that something is cooking between them because Sahana Khan No one was seen before talking like this.

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