Michael W. and England fast bowler Stewart Broad has been intensifying in London, and Broadcast Broadcasting on Michael Van’s statement has been found in London, where most talk shows, columns and newspapers I am criticized but the way it was targeted was that it was a personal matter.

I was deliberately performed in my performance. During the defeat in the Lindsey Test, where the England team was criticized, the direction of the fast bowler Stewart Broad was on the face of all the critics of the criterion and faced severe criticism. In the critic, former England captain Michael Won was present. He said that performance of James Anderson and Stewart Broad is constantly stagnant. England needs to say any of the words Hafiz from here. Broadcast to drop Broad in the third match. Steve Broad after his criticism, his former captain One by expressing their anger.

In the first innings of the Test against Pakistan, Broad did answer his critics with his performance from his bowling dancers to three wickets by 38 runs in the lead. The first day of the Chris Broadheading test, when he came to the press conference, his face He was told that he was angry. He said that criticism was not correct on me. In the remarks that Michael Van gave me, I called him and informed him about his feelings. But the way against me It was criticized that I was targeted and when I was criticized, the justice requirements were not completed. I am among those Those who always welcome valid criticism.

Michael Won praised Broadcast’s second test, saying that I criticized the fact. Michael said he did not know the internal story of the dorsing room. He has made all the facts based on speculation.

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