Imran Khan’s former wife Imran Khan’s former wife, Imran Khan, is currently in London for the promotion of his book, and revealed to the book that his ex-husband Imran Khan And his previous wife Jimmy Gold Smith describes in detail. In this book (not published), he has tried to write about his ex-husband Imran Khan’s personal life ‘nationalism and national interests and his own party leaders and other party leaders, Sheikh Rasheed, ‘Siraj ul Haq etc.’ has also been discussed in several places. Regarding Imran Khan’s residence in Bunny in the text of the book, Raham Khan has written how difficult he had during his marriage in this house and whose role was in it.

At Daily News News, Amitan Shahid wrote that Reham Khan has met two to three different publishers for publishing his book this week, but due to the toughest murderer’s patriotism in Britain, a British publisher has caused non-evidence This book has refused to publish. It has also been learned that the last ambassador to the United States of Rehman Khan Pakistan and the anti-Pakistan campaign in Washington met Hussein Hussain Haqqani in the restaurant of Harvey Nichols’s London store in which he wrote for the book’s publications. Haqqani has sought help. It has also come to know that if this book does not publish any of the books in the UK then they will take a heavy charge by publishing it with two famous publishers in the United States or in India.

According to the report, Rahim Khan also wishes that he should bring the book written in his English language to the market before Pakistan’s general elections. Two to four names have been suggested for this controversial book but no one has finalized, but according to the report, most of them are the name of the Sparkling Bani Gala (Sparkling Bunny). According to the experts, this book may be possible after coming into the market, that the provisions of the Chairperson of the Constitution of Pakistan, should be invalid in the 62-63 category, because the reference of Imran Khan in the book of Reham Khan has mentioned such Relationship is from their personal life.

It is also known that the publication of Raham Khan’s book ‘its negative publicity and political opponents of the Tehreek-e-Insaf’s chairman in the publication are ahead and Reham backs back as well as full support It has been assured and has been promised to arrange its full range.

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