During the hearing of the alleged corruption in 56 companies in

Lahore (Daily dings news), Supreme Court Lahore Registry, Chief Justice of Pakistan questioned Punjab Chief Minister that you only tell us that 25 million people were kept in companies in cooking, Let us know that Captain (R) Osman was given Rs. 14 lakhs under the law which was given under the law,


Shahbaz Sharif did not give the status of Uttar Pradesh to the legal status of 14 lakh Hazrat Shahbaz Sharif and the development work in the reply would be counted. He said that corruption of a deceased was proven to be provocative, Chief Justice Saqib Naseem Ar said that do not talk about the matter, just give it 14 lakh rupees under DC Olivoccox law? Chief Justice Pakistan said that you have been tenant for 10 years, you will ask for the answer,

On this, Shahbaz Sharif said that money is lost but there are also survivors, if you are not satisfied with my answer, then decide.

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