Dhoni (daily dings news) Roni Ghosh, the legendary actor of Bollywood, says that her mother has no social media accounts.

A few days ago, on the social media website, the past actor Shabin became a focus of attention when Imran Khan was tweeted with an account attributed to his name. After this tweet, the violence broke out on social media, while many channels also reported its news.

According to the BBC, the account associated with Shabnam is counterfeit, whose son Roni Ghosh has denied himself. On contact, Ronni Ghosh said, “Shabnam is quite good these days, and in this case it is not possible to talk to the media.”

Roni strongly denied that his mother used Twitter and did not have any relation with the parent’s father in the name of ‘Jina Bassak’. Said that behind the use of his mother’s name ‘political agenda.’

It is believed that the last day, with the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman, Farooq Bandal’s criticism was criticized on social media. As a result, the PTI suspended the membership of Farooq Bansal but suddenly on the same day, A Twitter came out from the handle which Imran Khan was praised. Tweet was written in ‘I appreciate Imran Khan that he drew Farooq Bandar from his party and thanked the people of Pakistan who raised up against this reporter. Live forever. ‘

It is believed that Basnet is the original name of Shibnam, the oldest actor who prays for the Pakistani cinema, who lives with her son in Dhaka these days.

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