Rawalpindi (Daily Pakistan Online) Spokesperson Pak Army Major General Asif Ghafoor said that India did not consider the weakness of Pakistan as our weaknesses, when the army should not be put into politics and elections. As long as the matter is on our part, we will endure because we are the followers of this Prophet Muhammad, who are very patient, but when he comes to Pakistan, he will not tolerate at all. He said that Asad Durani gave the book The NAC had not taken any NOC, if they had taken the NOC, that move was not permitted, a tough move against Asad Durrani was given that the army could not bear such a thing.

DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor said in a press conference in Rawalpindi that India has violated the war crimes agreement of 778 times and injured 48 Pakistanis and injured 265, when Indian Army If we shoot, we do not answer but when the citizen population is targeted, we are forced to respond, not our weaknesses of peace should be considered as weak, if India’s first shot is not harmed then Will not give it, but if the other shoots, you will respond completely.

Major General Asif Ghafoor said that the confirmed passengers and Mohsin Wahr met me in my office in which he highlighted some issues of Naqib Mehsud, missing persons, military checkpoints and FATA, I have been arrested by all members of Geo News and IG. Talking to Fauzia and Mohsin Mehr talking and resolved the problem, Mohsan Devar also thanked me for the thankfulness that the problem was resolved, but then how did this name passed by Manmohan Ahmed Masood, social media But the campaign went on, becoming social media outlets in Afghanistan and being developed out of a hat country, is being exported to Pakistan. Why the foreign media is broadcasting the PTM’s rally directly, the army chief was strictly directed not to force the PTM’s power to power, in the Lahore jail, the Chief of Army Staff arrested the police of PTM workers. No ban was stopped against PTI, but now we have many evidence against PTI, they are using it. He said that there is a peace committee in Wana, Has fought a fight against terrorism, the PTM leader in Wana, Ali Wazir and other workers were protesting anti-military slogans, firing between peace committee and PTM It has been said that the 8-year-old girl is being propagated against the army on social media, because you are forceing the state to use force, accusations and slogans against us do not make any difference to the army, Whatever Pakistan serves, this uniform is its, if you have been convicted by giving sailors to the army, do it but do not work if Pakistan’s height is below.

DG ISPR said that Asad Durani was retired from military due to political reasons, he wrote events after retirement in his book, writing his experience and observation on the post-service talks. So it is wrong, as soon as the inquiry will appear in the front of the corner, the angels do not become unmarried, the punishment will be made to make a mistake, the wrong army on the mistake whether a journalist or a soldier forgot anyone. He said that None of us is happy that the government has completed its term, the year of 2018 elections, however, the politics should not be put into politics and elections, making elections The task of the Election Commission is that it does not belong to the army, the role that the army has been handed over to the army will pay it.

Major General Asif Ghafoor acknowledged the tension in Pak-US relations, saying that talks are being discussed at the level of diplomatic and military aid to improve the situation. Pakistan security forces have learned a lot during the delays, we have learned Pakistan is the first to come. Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor said that Zabur-e-Islam has eliminated all the terrorist organizations in the country, there is no organized organization of any terrorist organization, including Haqqani network in Pakistan, but the remaining force The refugee camps are available, so the peace package is needed for Afghan refugees.

Major General Asif Ghafoor said that the Pak Army wants the US and foreign forces to succeed victorious from Afghanistan and not leave the country unstable like the 1980s, in this regard, Pakistan will help the US in all possible, Afghan After the fencing of the border, 71 incidents of firing across the border were presented in which seven soldiers were martyred and 39 were injured, the desire for peace in Afghanistan is not more than Pakistan, the honorable return of Afghan refugees, from Afghanistan The attacks will not endorse the checkpoint.

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