Arjaz Khan, a younger brother of Bollywood’s web Desk, Sultan Salman Khan, has revealed that due to the addiction in IPL, Salman Khan, his elder brother, took a hand on them and was in bondage between the two brothers. Also came from the same addiction.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is ranked in the world’s biggest cricket leagues, but due to the addiction addiction, this league has been infamous in the whole world, even the big names of Bollywood are also in the league. The recent Bollywood actress Salman Khan’s brother Arzaz Khan Kanam has also appeared in this league. According to the media reports, Khanjaz Khan was present in front of the police station’s extension cell last day, where he had been in a hurry for the last 5 years, while he had lost almost 3 crore rupees due to a stagger in the past few years. They also refused to give money from bankruptcy to which they could get threats too. Due to the addiction addiction, there was a lot of differences between Salman Khan and Arbaz Khan.

Arjaz said in his statement that on the day of Diwali, Salman took his hand on the day, but his mother came in between and saved him from eating salman’s killings and since when Salman took hands from Arbaz’s head. So far, Salman refused to work due to the same reason for the debut series of debut series in Arjaz Khan’s home production, and the shooting started with the film.

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