Shawl moon appears in the United Arab Emirates, the tomorrow eid al-Fitr will be celebrated

Lahore (daily dings news) Shawal moon has appeared in UAE, Eid al-Fitr has been celebrated in the state.
متحدہ عرب امارات میں شوال کا چاند نظر آ گیا ، کل عید الفطر منائی جائے گی
According to the Gulf Times, Eid moon is seen in the United Arab Emirates and it will be celebrated Eid al-Fitr and on the other side, Eid moon has also appeared on the other side.

The meeting of the Central Committee of Pakistan Ravi Hilal Committee has started in Karachi and the zonal committee meeting in other cities also started, the Ravi Hilal Committee headed by Mufti Munib-ur-Rehman, after receiving evidence of the moon Will announce final

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