Ahmad Shahzad’s dope test came positive but what did he disagree? It is a claim that you repent ‘repentance’


KARACHI (Daily Pakistan Online) Pakistan’s Opening Batsman Ahmed Shehzad’s dope test came positive but now it has been revealed that he had hit ‘Mariana’.

Zabih Abbas released a message on Twitter while private television journalist Zainab Abbas said that Duppup’s dope test was taken during the Pakistan Cup before the series against Scotland, which has posed positive and has targeted Marjahan. They will investigate when and how they used it, but Ahmed Shehzad will also be given the chance to be successful, then their punishment will be determined.

PcB rules, for the first time, positive dope tests are penalized by 3 months or less, for the second time the same crime is 3 months to 2 years and three times a ban is prohibited.

It is clear that ICC suspended Pakistan league Yasir Shah in Duping in November 2015, he had to spend 3 months of ban, while Shoaib Akhtar, Mohammad Asif, Abdul Rahman and Raza Hassan also dipped in the past. The test is positive.

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