Shahbaz Sharif’s assets of two wives also came forward, Nasr Shahbaz Sharif exit more than all

Lahore (Daily Pakistan Online) The assets of two wives of former Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif were also present, Shahbaz Sharif’s wife, Shahbaz Sharif, is more important.According to the documents,


worth Rs 22 crores of Nusrat Shahbaz’s total assets is Rs. 10 crore in Nusrat Shahbazkalal Township, which has been deposited 12 million 87 million rupees apart from addition of 9 kanal worth Rs 5.78 million Is there

There are 12 stakeholders including Nusrat Shahbaz Ramzan Sugar Mills, Hamza Spinning Mills and Rs 17 lakhs worth the jewelery present.
While former Chief Minister Punjab


Chief Minister Taimina Durrani owns only 57 million assets, his Gwadar has 4 plot corpses, 5 million worth of vehicles, Rs 5 lakh bank balance and 15 lakh jewelry.

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