Islamabad (Daily Pakistan Online) Islamabad High Court adjourned the hearing against the decision of rejecting nomination papers of National Assembly from NA-NA NA-53 NA NA and presented a complete record to the ARO.

According to details, Justice Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani of the Islamabad High Court hearing the petitions filed against NA-53 from Imran Khan’s nomination papers was filed by Babar Awan, Imran Khan.

Babar Awan argued that the nomination papers of the applicants were examined on June 19, and the REO gave Imran Khan nomination papers nominated. Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani quoted that why Imran Khan declared anonymously.

Babarwanan said that there was no misconception between Imran Khan and his counterparts in the case of petition filed in petition nomination papers. It is a court verdict that the Aru verdict should be rejected for non-contracting nominations.

The court issued a notice by issuing the notice to the REO and adjourned the hearing till tomorrow.

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