Pervez Musharraf resigned as head of the All-Pakistan Muslim League

Dubai (Daily dings news) Former President Pervez Musharraf has resigned as head of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML).

Private TV World News has quoted sources saying that Pervez Musharraf has been nominated by the APML headed by the Election Commission, after which the Election Commission has directed the PML-N to remove the presidency.

It is clear that Peshawar High Court Pervaiz Musharraf has declared ineffective, APML was made in 2010 but due to disqualification, Musharraf’s head was obstructed from party registration.


The case of PML-N was registered in the Election Commission Musharraf was resigning while the party was not registered. The Election Commission has directed that if the party is registered, the new Intra Party should be elected to the Election Commission by selecting a new head by election.

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