Sheikh Rashid said that after Imran Khan got married to the future threat on the future threat, Pakistani actress Arminena Khan also came to the field on the topic of Sheikh Rasheed’s head of the London Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N). It was the film’s most unfamiliar movie industry, but Rashid Rashid declared them worse than one thousand prostitutes.

Sheikh Rasheed said that on the day Imran Khan had married Reham Khan, he caught the head on the same day and informed the PTI chairman about future threats. During the program, Sheikh Rashid forwarded aggressive discussion. The Pakistan Muslim League chief head said that he knows more than one star in the film industry, in the past, when he was the information minister, the film industry in his department also said It was the most neutral industry.

Sharikh Khan shared his interview with the video clip on social media while saying that ‘This person has been given the status of the Supreme Court and the status of Amin, it is not acceptable to Muslims, This situation was only for our dear Prophet Muhammad, not for a person who is well aware of the fraudulent women. Naram Khan asked whether the Chief Justice would take notice of this matter? Along with this he requested that the odor should be removed from Pakistan.

Earlier, Pakistani actress Arminena Khan also criticized him on criticizing Sheikh Rasheed’s conversation, saying that Khanana writing social media on writing about the pain of Shaykh Rashid, herself, said that the country like Britain I do not even allow those people to pass through public office.

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