The women who protested in the chairmanship of Chairman Secretariat Lahore, PTI leader, PTI leader Secretariat, held a list of nominations for women’s seats in Punjab Assembly. The staff and male leaders helped in the safety of Al-Hameed Hamza from the Secretariat.

According to details, Hamza chairman reached the secretariat on the previous day, while protesters arrived there, whereas Atta Hamza was sent to a room and tried to close the door, protest women opened the door to the room and they Alan discovered from Hamza that he prepared a list on which merit.

Protesting women called for admiring Hamza in a harsh words, saying that we have been working hard for many years and you have included your favorite women’s name list, to make a mother-in-law of Jahangir Tareer, the election of her. We kept on the streets, pull our vehicles.

Protestants say that Jahangir Tare has given this woman to the house, asking for a vote by going home, campaigning Yasmin Yadid now. On the intervention of the Security Guard, the protest woman stressed that Madam Madam, we also got the same office I used to come, if we have the office, what we do, our dog was done. Watch the video

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