According to Dubai’s 4-year Futur Tour Tour program, Pakistan has hosted big teams, Pakistan will host other teams including Australia, New Zealand, England and Sri Lanka.

The International Cricket Council released the 4-year Futures Tour program, which will host Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, England and other teams including Sri Lanka, but it does not include the Indian team. According to the ICC’s Futures Tour Program, Pakistan will host Sri Lanka in October 2019, which will be played in 2 Test matches, and in the same year the national team will visit Australia in November, two TTTs and 3 teams The series consisting of Test matches will be played.

There will be a busy year for green shirts, during which Pakistan will not only host many teams, but also tour of other national teams of tournaments. In January 2020, Pakistan will host Sri Lanka for 3-day and 3 T-Twenty20 matches, after which Pakistan will host Bangladesh for 2 Tests and 3 T-Twenty20 matches in February 2020.

In June 2020, England will host Pakistan for 3 Test and 3 T-Twenty20 matches, while the national team will play 2 T-Twenty20 matches against Ireland this month. In October 2020, the Pakistan team will visit South Africa for 3 T Twenty20 and 3-day matches, while in November 2020, Pakistan will host Zimbabwe, during which 3 T Twenty20 and 3 one-day series will be played.

In December 2020, Pakistan team will visit New Zealand, during which 2 runs and series of 3 T-T20 matches will be played. 2021 will prove to be the most important year for the national cricket team, during which Pakistan will host South Africa, West Indies and New Zealand and this year, the national team will be visiting Afghanistan, West Indies, England and Zimbabwe.

Pakistan will host South Africa for 2 Test and 3 T-Twenty20 matches in February 2021 and in April, the national team will tour Zimbabwe, during which 2 Test and 3 T-T20 series will be played. In July 2021, Pakistan team will go 3 England and 3 T Twenty20 matches, and during the tour of West Indies in August, the national team will play a series of 3 T-T20 and 3 Test matches.

In September 2021, the Pakistan team will be a guest of 3 for 3 in-day matches and in December, the national team will play 3-day and 3 T-Twenty20 matches during the West Indies tour.

In October 2021, Pakistan team will host New Zealand, which will play series consisting of 3 ODIs and 3 T-Twenty20 matches and will host Pakistan West Indies in December 2021 and between 3 teams and three teams Twenty20 matches will be played.

In Pakistan, I will start my tour in Australia by hosting Australia in February, in which there will be series of 3 ODIs, 3 T-T20s and 2 Test matches between the two teams, followed by Pakistan team 3-day and 3rd T20 in August. Sri Lanka will play matches.

In November 2022, Pakistan will host England for 5 one-day and 3 test matches and in November, two Test matches and 3 one-day matches in November will be launched in November, which also hosted in Pakistan. .

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