by night’s cease, a brand new Drake album could be upon us and, perhaps, so will the reality. We’re all wondering it: Drake, are you the daddy??? His 5th studio album, Scorpion, has a variety of floor to cover, from mystery love kids to viable Pusha-T retaliation to what genuinely went down with Rihanna to the things we will’t even predict he’ll deal with due to the fact who knows what else that guy’s been hiding. In practise for tonight’s occasions, right here’s the whole thing we understand approximately the album to date — plus, all of the things we’re nosy sufficient to additionally need to know.

It’s got 3 singles.
It become never completely clear what separated Drake’s extra existence from his previous albums right till after the truth. something less than an album, in Drake’s thoughts, doesn’t warrant advertising, and so there was actually none for extra existence (now not even a unmarried track video). but for views, he preceded it with several singles (inclusive of “Hotline Bling” and “One Dance”). It’s the identical tale now for Scorpion (named after his Zodiac sign), which has been led by his No. 1 singles “God’s Plan” and “excellent for What,” in addition to “I’m disenchanted.”

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There has also been ongoing social-media promo, together with custom jackets made for the album and sent to all concerned, in addition to to superstar pals like Millie Bobby Brown and DJ Khaled (perhaps hinting at a any other collaboration).

Will it deal with the baby within the room?
look, the cat’s out of the bag: Drake almost really is a baby daddy. Pusha-T(ea) spilled the beans on his diss tune to stop all diss tracks, airing all of Drake’s grimy laundry. consistent with Push, Drake had his personal plan to expose the information of his mystery infant, with a former personfilm famous person, in all likelihood with the assertion of an Adidas line named after his son. That branding apart, will Drake verify the rumors on the album, pull a “the child isn’t my son,” or just avoid the concern totally? if you examine between the strains on “I’m disenchanted” — in which he alludes to a childassist dispute — we’re thinking it’ll come up.

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It’s a double album.
Drake is aware of not anything of brevity — his remaining album turned into 20 songs and nearly an hour-and-a-1/2 lengthy — and that’s now not approximately to trade on Scorpion. Billboards promoting the album in Toronto (which he puts up for each album) advocate it’ll be two-sided, and an associate of his label, OVO, said that Scorpion could be a double album, one aspect devoted to rap and the alternative to R&B. (OutKast would love a word!) Now Drake has confirmed the 2 aspects via offering the entire 25-song (!) song list. “God’s Plan” and “I’m disenchanted” are on aspect A, whilstexcellent for What” is on facet B (the “for the ladiesside, we bet). It’s worth noting that “Diplomatic Immunity” from his horrifying Hours twotrack EP (which blanketed “God’s Plan”) didn’t make the cut, possibly since it didn’t produce the equal streaming numbers. Drake has hinted that Scorpion could have some otherhard” album intro, consistent with lifestyle — this time survival-themed, seemingly. And, as continually, it’ll all be govt-produced by Noah “40” Shebib and Drake’s supervisor, Oliver El-Khatib.


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Is he going to in the end come for Pusha-T and Kanye?
Rappers aren’t normally as willing to lose as Drake has been in his combat with Pusha-T, but Drake isn’t your common rapper. He’s been elevated past rap’s top echelon into and above the pop stratosphere a lot so that, notwithstanding apparently having his person assassinated, his album rollout spoiled, and credibility shot to hell, he’s nonetheless the No. 1 rapper alive. For most people of the yr, and during this red meat, he had the No. 1 song on the Billboard chart — two of them, in fact. but while the losses he took within the warfare with Pusha-T are small for now, it’s going to be difficult for him to shake the deadbeat-dad personality no matter what takes place next. in the meantime, Kanye West — who Drake had a falling out with — and Drake’s mentor, J Prince, referred to as a ceasefire, and Drake has up to now listened to his elders. but are we simply to believe there will not be a single stray bullet on that album with Push and Kanye’s names on it? dubious.

we can count on Karena Evans could be in addition worried.
Director X turned into Drake’s muse for the perspectives technology; now X’s 22-yearold (!) protégé Karena Evans is Drake’s new “It” lady. She’s directed all three films for his singles up to now, each filmed (primarily) in mysteryconsisting of that Degrassi excessiveschool reunion. Drake has now not completed a visible album but, but he has launched brief films for more than one his projects. ought to a Karena Evans fuller-period characteristic be at the manner? probable, if now not at least a few greater motion pictures in the can.

What the hell is he going to say about Rihanna?
in contrast to preceding albums, it’s in all likelihood secure to assume Rihanna gained’t definitely seem in this album, given their falling out. (And in case you think Drake’s no longer above being petty, consider that he eliminated Jennifer Lopez from a song they formerly made collectively because she kicked him to the curb.) but that doesn’t mean a music about her won’t appear on the album, or as a minimum a lyric. We know they’re no longer friends, let alone fanatics, way to what Rihanna told fashion. And whilst it’s probable pleasant for Drake to keep Rih’s call out of his mouth, it’s probable he nonetheless has some words to spill about the state of affairs.

Brace yourself for Reggaetón Papi.
Drake has but to satisfy a tradition he doesn’t need to crib. Up next: reggaetón. according to reviews, he recorded a song many months ago with Latin entice star bad Bunny (currently featured on Cardi B’s “i love It”) wherein Drake apparently sings — look ahead to it — in Spanish. appearance what Justin Bieber hath wrought! also reportedly featured at the album: unreleased tune from the past due Static foremost.

What income statistics will he ruin this time?
Drake is the reigning king of streaming, breaking his personal records with reputedly each release. perspectives passed 1 million album-equal gadgets in its first week to debut at No. 1 — and that become as an Apple track exceptionalwhilst extra life did half that wide variety however broke the single-week streaming file previously set by way of perspectives (keep in mind, greater lifestyles wasn’t an Apple track extraordinary). The ultimate album to earn over a million changed into Taylor quick’s popularity (which did barely larger than perspectives), but no album has reached such heights this 12 months to this point. assume Drake to do it, and possibly the exceptional he’s performed yet.

Uh, Annihilation was an proposal?
What does it say approximately Drake’s album that its melodramatic trailer makes use of song from the movie Annihilation? The trailer, shared earlier this week, uses Moderat’s “The Mark – Interlude,” which seems in a scene inside the movie and on its soundtrack. okay, but, like, can we get Drake’s mind on the finishing though?

Will it’s a streaming exceptional?
As cited above, views turned into an Apple tune specific however extra existence become not, as Apple has moved faraway from that practice. Drake nevertheless reputedly has his address Apple tune, but not seems as married to it or the concept of exclusivity. Will Scorpion land on all streaming offerings in the dark, just one (maybe Tidal, if he’s achieved beefing with Jay-Z?), or will it movement on a glitchy app one time at 3 a.m. and display up wherever Drake pleases days later? (On Twitch, possibly? Ugh.) For the sake of our sleep schedules and sanity, the first one, we beg you!

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