what’s extra devastating: knowing that we all ignored a 1/2naked shot of Josh Duhamel or the truth that he is now not married to Fergie anymore? (i’ll wait.)

Duhamel and new-ish female friend Eiza González, 28, had been loving it up in Mexico the beyond few days and González determined to post a bikini video, as one does. turns out, she by chance captured a bare Duhamel, 45, within the heritage and fans freaked out.

while González became busy displaying off her (very in shape!) frame in the reflect in their resort room, Duhamel become noticed pulling down his pants and turning closer to the digicam (sans underwear), however a pot stopped a complete reveal for the internet.

Feel comfortable in your own skin. No one can take that away from you ❤️

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González has on account that deleted the video and as an alternative posted a cropped, non-express version. She captioned the Instagram, “experience relaxed to your personal pores and skin. nobody can take that away from you” with a heart emoji. (certainly Josh is very at ease in his pores and skin, too.)

González and Duhamel have reportedly been dating for a few months, but they have stored their courting beneath the radar. It wasn’t till recently that they determined to move public once they had been noticed kissing and retaining hands. (They each haven’t begun to officially verify their popularity.)

Duhamel and his ex-wife Fergie announced their divorce in September after 8 years of marriage. shortly after the declaration, Fergie launched her second studio album, Double Dutchess, and stated Duhamel is “very tons part of” the album. They percentage a 4yearvintage son, Axl Jack Duhamel.

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