authentic American hero Joey “Jaws” Chestnut is your Nathan’s warm canine ingesting Contest champion over again. as if there was ever a doubt.

The 34-yearold took home his 0.33 immediately title — his 11th inside the ultimate 12 years — on Wednesday afternoon in Coney Island. Chestnut celebrated the Fourth of July by slamming a report-breaking 74 hot dogs into his face and incomes the $10,000 prize.

Chestnut has set contest data in every of the beyond 3 years. In 2016, he have become the first competitor to ever hit 70 hot puppies, then he took down 72 last year, and now he has outdone himself another time with an remarkable 74 franks and buns.

Chestnut’s total to start with got here in at 64, till it become determined that a counter had overlooked a complete plate — bringing his total up with the aid of 10

completing in second at the back of Chestnut changed into Carmen Cincotti, who positioned down 45 hot dogs and buns.

on the women‘s side, American Miki Sudo took home her fifth immediately name in the competition via consuming 37 hot dogs in 10 minutes. it truly is a step down from the forty one Sudo gobbled ultimate yr, however still sufficient to be topped in the discipline of 20. Sudo joins Chestnut and Takeru Kobayashi as the best other competitor with as a minimum five titles within the event.

The Nathan’s warm dog eating Contest has turn out to be a staple of July 4th in the usa — a culture not like any other — and Chestnut has been a dominant pressure inside the opposition for greater than a decade. His only loss in the event over the last dozen years came at the hands (and mouth) of Matt Stonie in 2015.

The competition has also come to be popular for betting, with Chestnut coming into this 12 months‘s occasion as a -550 preferred, in line with Oddshark. The over/underneath on hot puppies consumed via the winner changed into 72.5.

Chestnut’s biggest opposition over the years got here from Kobayashi, who stopped competing in the Nathan’s event after 2009 way to a contractual dispute with principal League ingesting. Kobayashi took six consecutive titles from 2001-2006 before Chestnut started his outstanding prevailing streak that in the end lasted eight straight years.

here‘s the overall list of champions on the guys‘s aspect given that 2000:

2018: Joey Chestnut
2017: Joey Chestnut
2016: Joey Chestnut
2015: Matt Stonie
2014: Joey Chestnut
2013: Joey Chestnut
2012: Joey Chestnut
2011: Joey Chestnut
2010: Joey Chestnut
2009: Joey Chestnut
2008: Joey Chestnut
2007: Joey Chestnut
2006: Takeru Kobayashi
2005: Takeru Kobayashi
2004: Takeru Kobayashi
2003: Takeru Kobayashi
2002: Takeru Kobayashi
2001: Takeru Kobayashi
2000: Kazutoyo Arai

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