Islamabad (Daily Pakistan Online) Accountability court has heard a decision after delaying several hours of Evening Field Reference, according to which Nawaz Sharif was imprisoned for ten years, 8 million pounds (Rs.15 billion and Rs.15,000 crore) Mary, seven years imprisonment, has been sentenced to two million pounds (almost twenty sixty sixty sixty six thousand six thousand rupees) and a year imprisonment for Captain Safdar in Aanton crime.

According to details, according to the written decision of the Eun-Field reference, there are hundreds of pages in which judgment has been made in order to confiscate house field fires, and after the decision of the Accountability court, Mir Nawaz and Captain Safdar have been unable to 10 years. The criminal has a month to file an appeal.

Earlier, four days after the decision was taken by the Eve field, the judge judge reached the court at least three o’clock, media representatives were expelled from the court and claiming that the verdict was started in the closed room, but now the judicial staff It has been rejected and said that the decision is not heard but also the consultation is continuing, but the decision has been made at 4:00 pm.

Media disputes started protesting on the court, and the stand adopted that 9 months have been open for trial, but today the final phase was being decided in the closed room. Later the judicial staff explained that the decision is not being heard but the discourse between the lawyers and the judges is going on, the media will be called while hearing the court verdict, till then the decision is not being heard but the consultation is going on, the further thirty It will take forty minutes.

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