Islamabad (Daily Pakistan Online) Accountability Court has been given the time to hear the decision of the aviation field at 3:30 pm, after which the media was expelled from the court after which it was reported that the courtroom The decision has been made to shut down, but the judicial staff now says that the decision is not being heard but lawyers and judges are being consulted.

According to private TV juries, the judicial staff said that the decision is not being heard, lawyers and judges are going on, when the decision is heard, everyone will be called within the media, the decision will be heard in the presence of media representatives. Private TV gains have claimed that the decision has been delayed for further 40 minutes. On the occasion, the lawyers are present at the lawyers.

On the other hand Mian Nawaz Sharif heard the decision of Evening Field Reference in London. Hassan Nawaz, Hasan Nawaz and his daughters, Mian Nawaz and Asma Ali were also present on this occasion. Former Finance Minister Ishaque Dar was also present in Evening Field Apartments at the time of his decision, sitting in the same car with Maryam Nawaz, to the apartments.

It is believed that the accountability court has announced the decision to make a feud for the event for three times. The Evening Field Reference decision was to be heard at around 12.50 pm, but it was delayed for a short time at the time of Friday, after which the decision was again taken three hours. Judge Muhammad Bashir came to court on fixed time at the same time on three o’clock, while addressing the party’s advocate, he said that there is a need for setting up pages and providing photographs of the parties to the decision. The lawyer told Judge Muhammad Bashir that he should give a certain time, which Judge Muhammad Bashir took the time till 3:30 and then went to his chambers. When three o’clock three o’clock Judge Muhammad Bashir once again came to the court and again returned to his chambers after reviewing the court.

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