Firefly and castle actor Nathan Fillion did not go back to record strains for this September’s destiny 2: Forsaken – the growth in order to see his fan-preferred person Cayde-6 killed off for top.

speakme at the Kotaku Splitscreen podcast, Fillion said he changed into “unavailable” to voice the franchise mascot’s very last appearance. Cayde is alternatively played by means of Nolan North, who previously took over the position of destiny‘s Ghost after sport of Thrones star Peter Dinklage became replaced.

there’s a weird irony to North’s casting in Fillion’s function, as the day before today Fillion released an Uncharted fan movie where he took over the position of Nathan Drake – a person voiced by North in all of the Uncharted video games.

Fillion gamely recommended there had been no hard emotions, but:

“I wasn’t to be had for this final instalment – it is now not me doing the voice for Cayde-6,” he stated. “In a notable, top notch flip of occasionsit’s really Nolan North.

lamentably these things do not training session and it’s a little bit heartbreaking however if it has to visit someone else, then thank god it is going to a person I actually love and the fanatics love – the individual turned into in right hands.”

Amusingly, Fillion took a few convincing Cayde-6 is virtually uselessdespite the fact that Bungie has been pretty blunt at the complete state of affairs. “we’re not looking to trick you,” recreation director Christopher Barrett stated at some point of our wide-ranging destiny 2 interview at E3.

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whilst informed by means of podcast host Jason Schreier the probabilities for Cayde-6’s return looked slender, Fillion remained gamely constructive:

properly then if so,” he concluded, “my cross-to could be: ‘i’m in reality excited to work with Activision once more and do the prequel of ways we get to Cayde 1 through 5.'”

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