LAHORE (Daily Pakistan Online) PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif has rejected the results of the election by accusing him of election in 2018. He said that by contacting other political parties on the contrary, they will announce the next schedule.

Talking to the media, PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif said that the Election Commission did not take an hour ahead of our request but when the polling ended and after that and then the situation which has come to see, I have all my own Life has not seen such a dangerous situation. He said that by signing on a rugged paper, our polling boards have been rounded, polling agents were shifted to Form 45 and refused to give up. He said that we have taken Pakistan back for 30 years, and this kind of injustice and injustice are unbearable with the public mandate, it was believed that Voter will be given an opportunity to vote independently, he said.


This is not done, the results of our candidates have been stopped and public mandate is insulted, which is incredible. He said that it has been stagnant and we reject this rule and do not recognize, more than five parties have recorded their protests, we are connecting with other parties, and soon with mutual consultation They will give a comprehensive program together. He said that it is not a small matter but I am very clear, it is apparent and it will be a lot of harm to the results, we do not recognize it and I do this I am

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