around 20 mins into Kolamavu Kokila, there’s a passing shot of the three girls of the house, sitting in line, combing each other’s hair. It’s a visible that’s been repeated so in many instances in our films that we’re likely to no longer observe it; but not when it’s in this movie. The mother has just been diagnosed with cancer, leaving her with simply three months to stay and even fewer days with a full head of hair. And so, even this maximum mundane every day interest, becomes hanging, forcing one to sit up and take observe. this is one of the dozen such moments that make Kolamavu Kokila a special movie;and it’s now not the least as it’s ‘lady centric’ movie.

Kokila (Nayanthara, now deserving of early morning suggests and buddy abishekams) isn’t the result of a script re-write to forcematch a gangster film for a effective heroine. It’s very a whole lot an organic film which achieves its personal mass moments without its girl lead ever having to imitate excessive shows of machismo. a great deal of that is due to the fact it’s miles a very human story.
Kolamavu Kokila

genre: darkish comedy
Director: Nelson
cast: Nayanthara, Yogi Babu, Saranya Ponvannan
Storyline: The elder daughter of a own family turns to crime to keep her mother from demise

Drug smuggling is some thing Kokila is forced to take in once she is advised of her mom’s cancer and has no other way to earn the Rs.15 lakh it might price for her remedy. and prefer Walter White of Breaking bad, what we’re witnessing is the dark turn a ordinary man or woman’s lifestyles takes whilst positioned inside the toughest of times. yet what units it apart is how the film treats even the darkest situations with humour. There’s a hilarious 5-minute stretch, which is largely one lengthy rape funny story, wherein the entire circle of relatives gets collectively to kill one gangster after every other. What’s disappointing is what takes place among such great scenes. It appears like a lot of time has been spent to installation one remarkable scene, that’s again accompanied with durations of dullness. It also doesn’t help how things get a chunk too convoluted, adore it so regularly does in films approximately drugs and smuggling.

even so, it’s nonetheless one of the better movies we’ve seen this 12 months and a departure from the sermons which have grow to be described as feminist movies. Kolamavu Kokila is quirky, ridiculous and fun and we are able to’t look forward to what the woman celeb has to provide next.

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