“After stepping into the film ninth, my elder sister advised me not to do this one thing …” Katrina Kaif’s sister Isabel said that the face of each other smiling each other It will be tired

191 ViewsMumbai (daily dings news) Barbie Dool Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan’s pair of Indian films were admitted to Bollywood’s super hit match, but more than that, the “Love Story” Now news is news that Katrina Kaif’s sister Isabel Kaif has also stepped in in Bollywood and soon she is […]

“Salman Khan’s relationship with me was very deep and he was doing Karina Kapoor ….” Krishna Kapoor talked to the head that everyone’s mouth would be opened openly.

140 ViewsKarisshma Kapoor, a famous actress of Indian films, said that my sister is not Karna Kapoor but I am very close to Salman Khan and I have been living in a long-term rally with Salman Khan. Karina Kapoor is like a younger sister for Salman Khan while she still […]

“Casting Cow”, a famous Indian actress and item girlfriend, Ranihi Saunt,

173 ViewsMumbai (Daily Pakistan Online) Indian film industry is extremely unbelievable, bold actor and famous “Dance Girlfriend” Rhee Sainat also casting Kauch in the Bollywood film industry (the condition of setting up physical relationships to work in the film) “I’m sorry,” he said. According to the Indian media, Resshi Santt […]

“Once I went to meet a director wearing a shovel suit …” The famous Indian actress revealed

144 ViewsMumbai (daily dings news) In the whole world, including the Indian Film Industry, the “Me Toe” campaign is being launched every day, the new discovery is being launched every day, ” Kaunting Kooch ” in the world of artificial lights The condition of establishing physical relations instead of black) […]

India special court adjourns Mamata Mulkah Kakarkar’s abduction, orders to confiscate property

181 ViewsMumbai (Daily Pakistan Online) India’s special court ordered the drug actor to confiscate the properties of prominent actress Mamta Kalkkarni and her husband in the drug trafficking case.According to media reports, a drug trafficking case registered in 2016 against former actress Mamata Kolkarki was a case. The actress and […]

Priya Prashash was honored with the highest viral honeymoon award on the Internet

157 ViewsMumbai (CNN) Bollywood actor Priya Prakash has been awarded the highest viral honeymoon award on the internet, Priya has also shared a picture of her in which she is receiving awards. According to the foreign media, Priya thanked the prize for sharing prize in Instagram and honored her award […]

“Salman Khan got his body from Javed Lane Fernandes, who arrived in Kashmir, who was ready to shoot for RC3’s romantic songs …” A photo on social media got wiped out.

150 ViewsMumbai (daily dings news) Salman Khan, the famous hero of Indian films, is busy shooting the shooting of his new movie “Race 3” in the coldest season of the occupied Kashmir today, and to shoot a romantic song in the Paradise Viewer region. Preparing for this, Jacques Fernando, a […]

Sania Mirza made her move on the internet with her “Sasu Mama” that no one would laugh, you would be happy to see

212 ViewsLAHORE (Daily Pakistan Online) The residents of the South Asian region are often very well aware that the girl gets good luck, especially if she gets good, then the world becomes heaven and most of Pakistan’s women I will agree. Indian tennis star Sania Mirza has proved to be […]

“This Pakistani model is only competing for Sunny Leone’s podcasting competition.” Indian media has published such pictures that you will repent repentantly.

136 Views“This Pakistani model is only competing for Sunny Leone’s podcasting competition.” Indian media has published such pictures that you will repent repentantly. Mumbai (Daily Dings news) Former of erotica and Bollywood performer Sunny Leyoni has been crushed in her whole world with her introduction films, yet Indian media has […]

“I am going to become a father” after Shahid Kapoor, another Bollywood actor, announcing the good news to the whole industry.

100 ViewsLAHORE (Daily Pakistan Online) Today, marriages are being heard everywhere, so the first married couples are listening to the news of arrival of new guests, Bollywood actress Nehal after Shahid Kapoor and Shaukee Malik’s wife Sanya Mirza Yatts Makesh also has heard the good news. According to the details, […]

Gal ni kadni’ singer Parmish Verma shot at in Mohali

273 ViewsThe famous Punjabi singer Parmish Verma and a friend, identified as Kulwant Singh, were on Friday and Saturday at the entrance of Mohali at the entrance night in the shootout. Verma and his friend are out of danger and are currently undergoing treatment in a private room, Mohail Fortis […]

Tiger Shroff, Tara Sutaria and Ananya Pandey all set to begin ‘ Student Of The Year 2 poster 2018’

318 ViewsAfter much speculations, Karan Johar has finally revealed the cast of his upcoming film Student of the Year 2. It is a sequel to his much-loved campus drama Student Of The Year in 2012 that served as the launchpad for talent powerhouses Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra […]

“The secret marriage from Ranveer Singh”, famous Indian actor, Pikaika Pudukun, was quietly breaking into the field, surprisingly surprisingly surprised everyone.

118 ViewsMumbai (Daily Pakistan Online) Indian film industry’s hit pair, Pikaika Padukone and Ranvir Singh’s secret wedding news are being made of Indian media at this time, while some Indian news agencies have not only kept secret marriage in recent days. It was claimed, but rather it was said that […]

Salman Khan Kolkata’s 5 years imprisonment in the hunting hunt case

114 ViewsJodhpur: Indian state Rajasthan court has sentenced Salman Khan to a 5 years imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 10,000 in the black bee case. Bollywood superstar Salman Khan was accused of rare colored horns despite being not allowed during the film ‘We are together’ in Jodhpur city of […]

The girl who brought only 500 rupees with her and spent Rs 73 crore in three days but how?

64 ViewsThe main actress of “Bollywood”, Dehshi Patani, is the most successful film of Bollywood’s Bollywood movie, saying that she had only 500 rupees when she came to Mumbai. In just 3 days, earning more than 73 crores, this year’s most successful film “Kabhi2″‘s beautiful and talented actress, Deepa Patani, […]