Shabnaam actress Shoaib’s son, who has been sexually abused by Farooq Bansal, came to normal

286 ViewsDhoni (daily dings news) Roni Ghosh, the legendary actor of Bollywood, says that her mother has no social media accounts. A few days ago, on the social media website, the past actor Shabin became a focus of attention when Imran Khan was tweeted with an account attributed to his […]

What is the condition of Naeem Bukhari, who is injured in London

159 ViewsLONDON (Daily Pakistan Online) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader and renowned lawyer Naeem Bukhari’s latest image has been wired on social media, in this picture the Tehreek-e-Insaf leader sitting on a chair can be seen and can be estimated that There has been a lot of improvement in the situation. Tehreek-e-Insaf’s […]

“I have also been targeted by sexually harassment and Ali Zafar …” Mommy Rehman also came to the field, saying that Ali Zafar will surely become conscious.

133 ViewsLahore (Daily Dings News ) Glory staff Misha Shafiq accused Ali Zafar to be sexually harassed, so other personalities of Shuboz came in the field and he expressed his views, but now reputation from Koke Studios. The trustworthy believer has also come to the field and he has said […]

Such photographs of the Pakistani Queen Hassan came to light on social media, who is this? Seeing, Pakistanis will not believe in their eyes that it is possible

168 ViewsIn any kind of global competition, in the world, no girl from Pakistan represents the representation of the country, but some of the foreign-based Pakistani girls abroad go to these contests. Miss Earth Pakistan 2017, Omna Ashfaq, is also the same example. According to website beauty beauty, Ramina is […]